Plans to open a takeaway on the site of a former post office in North Weald have been slammed by the parish council.

An application has been submitted to transform the former post office site, in the High Road, into a takeaway restaurant, which would operate until 11pm every night of the week.

However, councillors on North Weald Bassett’s parish council have lodged an official objection to the plans, calling the restaurant’s opening hours “unsociable”.

The council’s planning committee has also raised concerns over the potential for rubbish to build up outside the shop and issues surrounding parking.

A survey by the parish council also found more than half of the 20 retail outlets in the High Road already sell food, including four takeaways.

Planning committee chairman, Baden Clegg, said: "Parking is also of great concern. There are only two designated parking spaces. Is this enough for a take-away?

"There is currently a parking problem in that area with vehicles parking in front of peoples' drives on the High Road not allowing people to exit their homes.

"The village hall has advised that visitors to the shops are using the hall as parking therefore not allowing sufficient parking for hall functions. The hall is used day-time, evenings and weekends.

"While there are some yellow lines along the High Road they are not enforced.

"We also believe that having a take-away in North Weald could mean that there be an increase in car journeys made, which could see customers coming from other locations such as Epping, Coopersale and Ongar."

The final decision on whether change of use for the building is approved will be made by Epping Forest council’s planning committee.