NEIGHBOURS in a quiet street say the council has punished them with double yellow lines because a small number of people double park.

The lines were painted in Windsor Avenue, Walthamstow last month leaving drivers with “nowhere to park near our homes”.

David Brady, who has lived in the street for 20 years, said some drivers were blocking the road, leaving the bin lorry unable to enter, but innocent people are suffering the consequences.

The 54-year-old has started a campaign calling on Waltham Forest Council to reverse its decision, and more than 30 families have signed the petition.

“We want the yellow lines removed, and the problem people who are double parking dealt with,” he said.

“The solution would have been to talk to these people and stop them from doing it, not to slap down double yellow lines all the way from top to bottom on the road.

“Only some people are causing the problem and everybody else is suffering. Everybody is furious.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

David Brady is leading the campaign against the double yellow lines. 

“It’s ridiculous. It’s a quiet residential road and we really don’t need it.”

Mr Brady said neighbours who had trouble driving passed the double parked cars complained to the council expecting action to be taken, only for it to backfire.

He said before the lines were implemented, parking was never a problem in the street.

Although residents can park on some part of the pavement, he said there is not enough space for all the drivers in the street.

Mr Brady is concerned that the council’s next move will be to introduce a CPZ (controlled parking zone) in the street, which he says is unnecessary.

“There was never a severe parking problem so there was no reason for the double yellow lines. It’s an extreme measure and it causes everybody unnecessary aggravation,” he said.

“Now if you come home with your shopping and just want to drop it inside before finding a parking space nearby you can’t. It’s really inconvenient.

“A CPZ is only really needed if you live near the marker or the station, where you have people from outside the area coming in and parking. Then it sort of makes sense but where we are we definitely don’t need it.”

Another resident who gave his name as Chris has lived in the road for 30 years.

His son is a blue badge holder and has a disabled parking space outside their home

Chris said: “For me personally it is ok because people respect the disabled parking. But my neighbours have nowhere to park.

“When we have visitors come over there’s nowhere for them to park outside.

“Nobody wants to be fined but the council have made it very difficult.”

Cllr Clyde Loakes, deputy leader of Waltham Forest Council, said: “As part of the statutory procedure for introducing a Traffic Management Order (TMO) we delivered consultation letters to each address in the street on 20 March 2017. We received two formal objections out of 32 letters delivered.

"As it would not be possible to take enforcement action against cars obstructing the highway that restrict access for emergency vehicles and to residents’ vehicles without a TMO being in place, double yellow lines were installed.

“In light of the original issues raised and the inability to take enforcement action without these measures in place and the fact the measures have only recently been introduced, we will continue to monitor, review and amend as required."