THE HUNT is on for three burglars who tricked their way into a woman’s home before threatening to kill her with a knife.

On Sunday, April 30 at around 9pm in Stradbroke Grove, Clayhall, a woman in her 50s heard the doorbell ring.

She got up to see a woman in the window, smartly dressed, smiling and waving at her. Officers believe she is in her 30s, with shoulder length brown hair and olive skin.

As the woman opened the door two men appeared and forced their way into the house, pushing her over onto the floor.

The first man put his foot on the victim’s side to keep her down before getting out a knife and threatening to kill her if she did not tell him where her money was.

Meanwhile the second man went upstairs, ransacked two bedrooms and stole cash and jewellery.

They stayed at the victim’s house for another half an hour before running off.

Both men spoke to each other in a foreign, eastern European accent, and the victim described both of them as “strange and dirty-looking”.

The first man is white, in his early 40s, thin, and tall, with dark hair cut in a short back and sides style with dyed blond spikes on top. He was last seen wearing blue jeans, a small black leather jacket and dirty yellow boots.

The second man is short, fat, aged around 45, last seen wearing a grey Nike tracksuit, with a missing front tooth.

Police are releasing two e-fits of the suspects to help bring them to justice.

Investigating officer from the Met’s east area command unit CID DC Richard Draper said: “This was a planned and violent attack that left the victim bruised and very distressed.

“The two e-fits are thought to be very accurate and if you know or recognise these men call police immediately."

“Anyone with any information should call police on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or get in touch online at