Residents are celebrating a "victory" over the council as it scraps its "baffling" decision to paint double yellow lines in their cul-de-sac.

To the amazement of people living in Knebworth Avenue, in Walthamstow, the council painted double yellow lines outside their homes in March.

The restrictions prevented the residents from keeping their cars by their homes in a part of Walthamstow where “parking is already at a premium”.

Residents then spent the following months objecting to the measures, asking the council to reverse its decision to take away their parking.

Waltham Forest Council’s environment chief, Cllr Clyde Loakes, said the “feedback” from the residents was listened to, and last week the council scrapped the double yellows.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Knebworth Avenue is back to normal

Waqas Hussain, who lives in Knebworth Avenue, said: “Parking is already at a premium in Walthamstow.

“This is a victory for residents to see the council reverse its baffling decision.

“While there was mild support for the introduction of controlled parking zone on the road, removing six parking spaces made no logical sense.

“It resulted in residents competing against each other for limited parking spaces on a road where parking was at capacity.

“I am glad the council has seen sense and put some of the parking spaces back.”

Mr Hussain then questioned the expense behind such decisions, which may eventually come of out the local taxpayer’s pocket.

He said: “It just angers me that additional taxpayers money was spent on going back and making changes that should never have happened in the first place.”

Cllr Loakes said: “Council workers painted double yellow lines in Knebworth Avenue to enable residents to park in their own driveways and allow refuse vehicles and delivery drivers to be able to turn around.

“However, after feedback from residents the yellow lines have been reduced and additional on-street parking bays will be created.”