FARMERS are taking over this supermarket to talk to shoppers about the merits of backing British produce.

Chingford Morrisons, off Chingford Mount Road, is bringing shoppers today a lot closer with their local farmers.

The opportunity to ‘Meet the Real Farmer’ will show customers how farmers produce food for the store, and explain the benefits of homegrown British food.

According to the Office of National Statistics, 46 per cent of Brits have never met a farmer, 32 per cent have never visited a working farm and 52 per cent say they don’t know how food is grown.

The in-store activity will take place today from 2pm to 4pm, to mark Farm24, a day of action for farmers to explain the effort that goes into producing our food.

Luke Lushington, store manager at Morrisons Chingford, said: “We believe that by meeting our real farmers, customers will understand that we are supporting real local businesses and understand more about where their food comes from.

“Our farmers will meet the Morrisons customers they are feeding and be able to explain the importance of eating homegrown food.”

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