A convoy of travellers have invaded council-owned rugby pitches after making light work of the gates blocking their way.

It comes after Waltham Forest Council said it was taking measures to crackdown on the number of traveller break-ins at sports grounds.

The group of ten caravans and motorhomes have now set up camp in Chingford Rugby Club's pitches, just off Waltham Way.

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They made light work of the gates blocking their way

Staff at the rugby club confirmed the council and police had come down today and served the travellers with an eviction notice.

While the travellers are still, it throws doubt over the club's first team friendly fixture against Old Colfeians on Saturday.

Just last week, the council announced some of the steps it was taking to prevent more break-ins after a month-long series of illegals camps across Chingford and Highams Park.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Will Saturday's game get the go-ahead?

After a second break-in at the fields by Low Hall Sainsbury's in Chingford, a council spokesman said: “This second group were determined and removed three padlocks and two concrete bollards blocking the gate.

“We have now replaced the locks and put a full truck-load of earthworks on both sides of the gate to try prevent further access from travellers.

“We are mirroring this at Low Hall Sports Ground and concrete bollards at all other sports grounds and large open spaces.”

At Chingford Rugby Club, which is owned by the council, there was no evidence of any concrete bollards blocking entry to the field.

A security guard has now parked his car across the entrance to stop any more caravans from entering the field.