MOPED muggers shouted “just shank him” before robbing two 13-year-old boys at knifepoint and riding off laughing.

Friends Teddy and William were out on their mountain bikes last Monday when they stopped off at the Esso Garage in Aldersbrook Road and were confronted by yobs who went on to steal a coat, £50 in cash, an iPhone 7, bike grips and new shorts.

They beckoned them over saying: “Just come here, I’m on a ped, we can’t do anything” – but when they did the moped riders laughed and drove off.

The boys then left the garage to go home, but the culprits came out of Harpenden Road at the same time and followed them all the way onto Wanstead Flats.

They then cornered the boys and ordered Teddy to hand over his hat, but he refused.

One of the boys then threatened: “Just give me your f****** hat”, and the other said: “Just shank him”.

When Teddy saw him reach for the handle of a knife, he handed over his hat and the thug also took his iPhone.

The thugs then demanded the boys hand over their bags which they then stuffed under the seats before driving off laughing.

Amongst the items stolen were new shorts bought that day, a £200 Stone Island coat and a debit card.

That night, Teddy’s phone accidentally called his father’s mobile and they were able to track it to Cambridge Park Road.

They planned to rush to the scene to get the phone back, but were met with a menacing voice on the other end of the phone.

“You can have your f****** phone back, but I’m going to smash it up,” it said.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

Police are appealing for information on the modped riders

His dad and sister, Georgia, headed to the scene and found the phone smashed to pieces and the back camera had been scratched.

Georgia has now slammed the police’s response to the crime, which happened last Monday (September 4).

She was told police were busy dealing with 36 other phone calls and could only arrange an appointment to take a statement four days later.

She criticised them for not giving enough help, saying: “We have to take matters into our own hands if we want something done. It’s shocking that nothing can be done about this because of the way they’re doing it.”

A spokesman for the Met said: “We endeavour to respond to calls as quickly as we can but depending on the circumstances we may request an appointment be made.”

On pursuing suspects, the spokesman said: “Police can and will undertake pursuits in any situation where it is necessary and proportionate to do so - in line with nationally approved guidance on pursuing motorcycles and in line with approved tactics.

“However, we must first ensure the safety of our officers, the public and the suspect when bringing offenders to justice. Officers are appropriately trained and equipped to minimise risk and the MPS pursuit policy is based upon the National policing best practice guidelines.

“If the suspect has removed their helmet we can still pursue, however a dynamic risk assessment will need to be carried out by the MPS driver and the Met’s Command and Control (MetCC), whilst taking advice from the pursuit tactical advisor.”

The Metropolitan Police told the Guardian Series the East Area Command Unit are investigating.

No arrests have been made.

Any with information is asked to call police on 101.