A FATHER fears for his six-year-old son’s health after “suspicious” work in his flat’s corridor may have released asbestos.

Andrew Viggers, of Liston Way, Woodford Green, was horrified when he saw a sign saying people may have breathed in asbestos particles after building work in his block on Friday, September 1.

The 53-year-old, who has lived in the road for seven years, expressed dismay at the lack of clarity on whether any harmful substances were released.

He said: “I am concerned, I am not sure what the situation is. I don’t know whether it’s bad for my six-year-old son’s health.”

Builders were called in to the block to replace the wooden boarding after fire safety concerns were raised in the wake of the Grenfell disaster.

The sign claimed that residents living on the ninth floor had breathed in particles after workmen stripped boards.

He claims he spoke to Redbridge Council who confirmed there was no asbestos in the area, run by Carillion, despite the sign advising otherwise.

Now, he has called for an independent report into whether hazardous substances were present and advice on how to counter the effects.

But this isn’t the first time the block has come under fire – in 2013, similar concerns were raised about particles on the 10th floor.

He noticed workmen wearing protective clothing and was disgusted to learn that harmful asbestos substances had been released.

After making a complaint, he took his concerns to the Housing Ombudsman Service which ruled in November 2014 that Redbridge Council acted “satisfactorily”.

It did, however, say asbestos had been removed under controlled conditions.

Subsequent tests showed no contamination to communal areas.

However, the Ombudsman also said: “It is of concern that the council drilled into a corridor ceiling that may have contained asbestos, that you say that you were not notified of this in advance and that contractors working in the corridor invited your wife and son to move past them.”

The Guardian has approached Carillion, the company that worked with the council in Liston Way, for comment.