A motorist who was driven round the bend by an unfair council parking ticket has seen the fine quashed at tribunal.

Tudor Davies, of Gordon Road, Wanstead, was hit by a £130 Waltham Forest Council fine for leaving his van in a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in Amethyst Road, Leyton, in February.

But last week, the retired Met Police Flying Squad detective saw his fine overturned by adjudicators.

They ruled council signs warning of parking restrictions were “not discernible” to drivers.

Mr Davies said he was unaware of the CPZ and parked in Amethyst Road for around 10 minutes after he had gone to the aid of an 80-year-old friend, who had fallen over at home.

When he returned, he found he had received a parking ticket and took the issue up with the council, which insisted the fine had been issued fairly.

However, he refused to give up and took his plight to a tribunal.

The 62-year-old submitted photographs of two signs at the entry to the CPZ as part of his appeal against the council.

The tribunal deemed one sign to be “obscured by foliage” while the other was “angled away” from drivers.

In her judgement, adjudicator Belinda Pearce said: “Whilst it is incumbent upon a motorist to consult signage and comply with CPZ restrictions, it is incumbent upon an enforcement authority to ensure signage implementing a CPZ is adequate.”

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

The tribunal ruled drivers would have trouble spotting signs at the CPZ entrance

Mr Davies said: “It was a matter of principle because I thought I was in the right.

“Amethyst Road is one of the quietest streets in the whole borough and there is no need to have restrictions like that- I think it is a money-spinner. 

“I find it so insulting when I get sent a letter saying I have parked my van in the wrong place when there was no signage to tell me that.

“I had gone to the aid of an 80-year-old man who had fallen over and the council still insisted on pursuing this.

“The majority of people will say they cannot be bothered for the sake of a small fine. I do think people should take councils to task more often.”

However, this may not be the end of the matter.

Despite the tribunal’s ruling, Waltham Forest Council insists CPZ signage in the area was adequate and the local authority is pushing for a review of the judgement.

Deputy leader, Cllr Clyde Loakes, said: “We are satisfied that the signage in this location meets the necessary standard.

“We have requested a review of the adjudicator’s decision in this case.”