A LAWYER killed a 91-year-old great grandfather on a high street zebra crossing because she was not looking properly as she drove to work in heavy rain, a court heard.

Charlotte Griffiths, 26, crashed into father-of-five Basant Lal Sharma in her blue Ford Fiesta in Wanstead, just after 8.52am on 31 May 2016.

Mr Sharma hit his head on the ground and died in hospital from severe head injuries a few hours later.

Griffiths, then 24, told police officers at the scene she had 'no idea' how the accident happened and claimed the victim must have been obscured by nearby trees.

But prosecutor Jonathan Polnay said: "If Miss Griffiths had been looking or looking properly she would and could have seen him and brake in good time. She did not.

"Mr Sharma wasn't behind the trees, he was in the road. Miss Griffiths just simply wasn't looking properly.

"The conditions weren't good and visibility was poor but a careful and competent driver is going to drive carefully and slowly so as to see what is in front of them.'

Jurors heard Griffiths claimed to be driving between 10-15mph in the 30mph zone at the time of the crash and there is no suggestion she was going too fast.

Mr Polnay added: "There is no suggestion that drugs or alcohol or a mobile phone played any part.'

Witnesses saw Griffiths turn on to Wanstead High Street and hit Mr Sharma as he made his way across the road.

Local estate agent Faye Parsons-Hann said the road was 'completely clear' as Mr Sharma stepped on to the zebra crossing.

"As he was getting to the crossing the car was getting to the junction.

"He began to make his way across the zebra crossing. The car began to pull into the high road towards the zebra crossing.

"As he was approaching the middle of the zebra crossing the car turned into the road.

"I was thinking “this can't happen.” He was knocked back towards the pavement. His head hit the road with force."

She later told police: "I just came round the corner in second gear and he must have just stepped out.

'"There was no one there when I came out of the junction, he must have been behind the trees."

Mr Polnay told jurors: "The only conclusion is that she wasn't looking or wasn't looking properly.

"When Mr Sharma stepped into the road it was clear for him to do so.

"Miss Griffiths turned into the high street and there was a collision. It was that strike that caused the fatal injuries."

The court heard Griffiths obtained her driving licence at 17 and has no previous convictions.

Griffiths, of Ockendon Road, Upminster, Essex, denies one count of causing death by careless driving.

The trial continues.