A host of big names have thrown their weight behind Waltham Forest’s bid to become London’s borough of culture.

More than 50 people from the world of arts, who are current or former Waltham Forest residents, have signed a letter supporting the borough’s application to be awarded the title.

Those on the list include former Blur frontman, Damon Albarn, who was raised in Leytonstone, world-renowned, Leytonstone-photographer David Bailey and Walthamstow singer Fleur East.

The letter states: “Awarding Waltham Forest ‘London Borough of Culture’, would have a tremendous impact; putting the borough on the world map and inspiring the next generation of budding artists.

“At a time when Waltham Forest is changing rapidly, it will create new opportunities and bring economic prosperity to its residents and workers.”

Mr Bailey added: “Waltham Forest is an example of London at its cultural best, as a vibrant and growing hub for artists, performers and creative start-ups.

“Not only would winning the title of London’s first Borough of Culture bring valuable investment here, it would also provide the much-deserved recognition and support for Waltham Forest’s artistic and entrepreneurial communities.”

The deadline for submissions of bids to become the first London Borough of Culture is December 1 this year. The winning borough will be announced in February.