DIFFERENT generations of worshippers banded together to decorate a building for the start of an “exciting” religious festival.

Members of the East London and Essex Liberal Synagogue celebrated the start of Sukkot by decorating a Sukkah, a temporary outdoor structure, in South Woodford, with fruit, vegetables, branches and leaves.

Merle Muswell, 58, Buckhurst Hill, a community volunteer, said: “It’s a big thing. It’s a welcoming festival for Jews and non-Jews alike. The festival involves children a lot in the way they create the building.

“It’s a time of sharing. It always is an enjoyable and exciting experience. It’s attended by many families. It brings all the generations together because we are a new community.”

Rabbi Harry Jacobi carried out a traditional blessing of wine and challah, a type of bread, in the Sukkah.