A MOTHER struggling with her eight-year-old daughter’s sight loss said diagnosis made her feel “like she could never be truly happy again.”

Natalie Lee, of Wanstead, sought professional advice to help her adjust to her daughter Alexa’s diagnosis with Brittle Cornea Syndrome (BCS), is a process likened to a bereavement.

The 37-year-old is sharing her daughter Alexa’s story to raise awareness about the challenges facing parents whose children lose their vision ahead of World Sight Day.

The fashion blogger, who is also mother to Autumn, 4, said she knew something was wrong when she was pregnant with Alexa.

She said: “During my pregnancy I thought I could feel Alexa’s bones clicking. As a former midwife I had sensed that there might be something going on.”

Alexa was diagnosed in 2015 when she was just three.

Ms Lee went into “practical mode” after the diagnosis and abandoned thoughts of the future.

“Once her eye sight started to deteriorate significantly it hit me like a tonne of bricks, and I was extremely sad. I didn’t think I could ever be truly happy again. Everything had changed.”

However, Alexa and her mum have since worked their way through “a very long bucket list”. The BCS sufferer’s confidence has also improved since she started her new school.

World Sight Day takes place on Thursday, October 12.