A COUNCILLOR said he felt like he “had been hit” after discovering he had not been reselected to stand for election.

Lloyd Dudderidge has been a Labour councillor for the Roding Ward in Woodford Green since May 2016.

He said: “I was hurt but I am filled with fight and spirit, and I’m not one to take a backwards step.

“I don’t feel let down by the party – it’s still got great people and I’m more Labour than ever before. I’m glad the pantomime is over.

“I was deeply disappointed, I wanted the chance to represent residents I care about and want to improve. I’ve tried my best to take the job seriously.

“I did feel like I’d been hit somewhat, though.”

His proudest achievement so far has been campaigning on behalf of the Orchard Estate residents in Woodford.

He stepped in to help after hearing of how the residents would be hit with a 104 per cent increase in their heating bills – from £3.21 a week to £6.56 a week.

“I’m not going to throw my toys out the pram and I am disappointed because I thought I was doing a good job. People elected me and I will do my best to repay them in the time I have.

“We have a great leader and two or three great MPs who I will continue to campaign for.”

But although he will not be a councillor from May 2018, he has vowed not to rest on his laurels in the meantime.

He wants to fight for safety measures at the “dangerous” Charlie Brown Roundabout, which regularly sees crashes. Meanwhile he will also campaign for better hospital services.

“My next move is to continue to get out there on the doorstep. You can change the world in seven months.”

The Roding Ward will be replaced by the Churchfields Ward at the next elections in May 2018.

A spokesman for Redbridge Labour Party said: “It’s not Labour Party policy to comment on internal selection procedures.”