Councillors have objected to a resident’s plan to build an extension.

Liberal Democrat Hugh Cleaver and Emma Best say the proposals, for a home in Parkland Road, would impact the look of the area and possibly “damage” properties in the area.

The application proposes the development of a one floor extension, an extension to existing decking at the back of the house and construction of a Juliette balcony at the back of the first floor.

Objecting on behalf of a neighbouring property, Cllr Cleaver said: “The development would adversely impact the property in terms of loss of outlook and would be visually dominant and out of keeping with other developments in the area.

“The proposal would be built over the main sewer which runs along the back of the houses.

“The decking would result in flooding due to there being less soft landscaping to soak up rain water. They are also concerned that the proposal may damage the fence adjoining the properties.”

Cllr Best said: “The proposal is out-of-character and would negatively impact the amenity of neighbours.”

A council report stated: “The proposal would have no significant adverse impact on the adjoining occupiers in terms of loss of outlook, sense of enclosure or loss of daylight/sunlight.”

It was also found that the extended decking would not result in significant overlooking into neighbouring properties.

The fate of the application will be decided today.