THE former solicitor with the Lubbock Trust wants an outside force to investigate Essex Police's handling of a complaint into the content of the trust's website.

Tony Bennett was told the force was looking into a complaint that there was homophobic material on the site which featured material relating to the death of Stuart Lubbock six years ago after he attended a party at the then Roydon home of entertainer Michael Barrymore.

In an email to Mr Bennett, Detective Chief Inspector Peter Hood, of Essex Police's professional standards department, said: "The material has been shared with the Crown Prosecution Service who has decided that the contents of the website do not satisfy the elements of any criminal offence. Consequently the matter is now closed and we will proceed to deal with your complaint."

An Essex Police spokesman said: "We have now consulted with the Crown Prosecution Service and there will be no further police action."

Mr Bennett, of Chippingfield, Harlow - who split from Mr Lubbock on the day his book detailing the death of Stuart Lubbock following a party at the home of entertainer Michael Barrymore was launched - said: "The Independent Police Complaints Commission is now investigating my complaint about the actions of Detective Sergeant Marina Ericson and the Essex Police Hate Crimes Unit."

Mr Bennett added: "I have written to Commissioner David Petch, the IPCC Commissioner responsible for investigating my complaint, asking for an outside police force to investigate the entire matter - because of my concerns about the way both the Essex Police Hate Crimes Unit and their Professional Standards Departments have handled this whole affair."

"I have had to endure among other things headlines such as 'Gay Hate of Barrymore Accuser' in the Daily Express.

"I need a full, fair and impartial enquiry by the IPC.C into what Essex Police thought they were doing investigating something they must have known from the word go could never have been a crime."