WORRIED residents have demanded a new zebra crossing for a busy road after yet another pedestrian was mown down and injured in a horrifying crash.

Traffic was brought to a standstill in Woodford Green as an air ambulance crew treated the man for serious head and arm injuries after he was hit by a motorbike as he tried to cross Broadmead Road.

The 49-year-old motorcyclist was also badly hurt in the accident just yards from the spot where another pedestrian was knocked down and killed by a car, three-and-a-half years ago.

The crash, which brought rush-hour traffic to a standstill for more than an hour, was the fourth serious accident on the road in the past three years – prompting residents to call for a new crossing to improve safety.

Mother-of-one Sarah Blackman, 23, who lives opposite the crash site on the Orchard Estate, said she and other parents constantly worry about their childrens’ safety when using the road because there were no zebra crossings.

She said: “It’s about time we had a proper pedestrian crossing to make it safe for us to cross the road at any time.

“It really is like a race track down here most of the time because the road is wide and straight and people drive far too fast down it.

“All there are at the moment are a few islands in the road, but they don’t help much.”

Fellow Orchard Estate resident Ann Meade said the road’s current safety features were “completely inadequate”.

She said: “There’s a 30 mph flashing light, but no-one seems to take any notice of that.

“People drive down the road far too fast and it won’t be long before another person is killed.”

Roding ward councillor Ian Bond agreed that more should be done, but said installing a new zebra crossing would not be straight forward.

He said: “There are lots of young families in this area and it is important they feel safe while crossing this road.

“A survey would have to be conducted to see whether a zebra crossing was needed, and feasible.”

A spokeswoman for Redbridge Council said: “Some years ago we did investigate the safety of Broadmead Road and a number of measures were introduced over a period of time to improve the accident record.

“Whilst we note the suggestion to install a zebra crossing, this may not necessarily have prevented this particular accident and, until these investigations are completed, I am not able to comment on the suitability of a crossing at this location.”

Both of the men involved in the incident – which took place at about 5.30pm on Tuesday, July 15 – were taken to hospital for treatment.

l Anyone with information should call the police accident investigation unit on 8345 4955.