A FAMILY was shocked to discover that refuse workers had knocked down a wall at the front of their home.

Samuel Mensah, 24, looked out of the window to discover a section of the wall had been destroyed.

As Mr Mensah's bin had just been emptied he suspected refuse workers to blame and he was right.

He said: “They confessed it was them, but they said it was nothing compared to some of the accidents they have.”

Mr Mensah said he believes the wall was hit by a refuse worker's truck, but a Verdant spokesman said the wall was hit by a bin as it was being wheeled.

The wall has still not been rebuilt and Mr Mensah, who lives with his parents Comfort and Jonah and sister Jennifer, said he did not feel Verdant, the council contractor responsible, had taken responsibility.

A spokesman said the wall should be fixed this week.

He added: "We believe Verdant has acted reasonably and responsibly, and in a timely manner, to resolve this minor incident."

The crash happened last Tuesday shortly before 2pm.

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