DOZENS of worried parents have signed a petition calling for a new zebra crossing on a 'dangerous' stretch of road.

Families on the Orchard Estate say they and their children are putting their lives at risk every day by trying to get across Broadmead Road on their way to nearby Ray Lodge Primary School.

More than 160 youngsters from the estate currently attend the school, with many ending up marooned on two islands in the middle of the busy road in the mornings as they try to negotiate rush hour traffic.

Father-of-three Rubel Khan - who lives on the estate - was one of a group of campaigners who handed in the petition at a meeting of Area Two committee on Tuesday night.

He said: "The road is very dangerous for our kids in the morning.

"The road is so busy and they often have to wait in the middle to get across.

"The parents are very worried. We need a proper crossing there which is safe for lots of children and parents to use at any time of the day."

These views were backed by Jeanette Allen, deputy head at Ray Lodge who also attended the meeting.

Jack Skillen, of charity Living Streets, helped organise the petition for the crossing.

He said: "The problem is the sheer number of children and parents with buggies trying to get across the road at the same time.

"Without a crossing it becomes very congested on the two traffic islands which is not a safe situation.

"Parents just want a safe crossing for them and their children."

Area Two councillors agreed to order a report into the issue to be discussed at the next Area Two meeting in February.