A CAMPAIGNING cyclist says there is no major problem at a junction where a grandmother was injured by a hit and run rider.

Artist Valeria Bateson has been told she may never regain full mobility in her arm after being knocked down at a Hoe Street crossing last month - putting her future as a painter in doubt.

The cyclist stopped briefly before riding off from the scene of the collision, which happened when the lights were not working due to roadworks.

Gerhard Weiss, of the Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign, said: “I have also used the junction to see for myself and must say that with the lights working I had no problem, but I know other people found it poorly designed.

“What did occasionally happen was that people crossed at the pedestrian lights when they were red and the cycle light was green.

“This does not surprise me at all as the pedestrian green phase is ridiculously short particularly at peak times.

“This has sometimes caused conflict for me, but never to an extent where a personal injury accident could have resulted.”

Mrs Bateson believes the crossing is still dangerous when the lights are working because cyclists check traffic on Hoe Street rather than looking straight ahead.

The Guardian is awaiting a response fromthe council on the design of the junction.

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