SOMEONE is tying dozens of flags to three oak trees on a popular green – leaving residents perplexed about how or why they are there.

Flags from Wanstead Golf Club in Overton Drive have been appearing in trees on The Green at the southern end of Wanstead High Street since the summer.

The first flag is though to have appeared in the summer, and over the next few months more and more have been added.

The golf club's honorary secretary Bill Cranston, 65, said: “One of our members spotted it when he was out walking his dog, and came in one day and asked if we were missing any flags.

“We've looked into getting someone up there on a cherry-picker to get them down, but it seems its going to be virtually impossible to get them down in that way.

“Someone drove into a section of our fencing down by Wanstead High School and the damage to that meant someone might have been able to get in. We're having that replaced sometime this week, so it'll be interesting to see if that puts a stop to more flags appearing.

“We'd like it to stop because it is costing us a fair bit of money to keep replacing these flags. They cost about £20 each, because it's not just the flag but the pole as well.

“Whoever it is that's putting them up there is either very brave or very foolhardy – or perhaps a bit of both.”

But some residents seem to like the new additions to the area. Adam Turner, of St Aubyn's Road in South Woodford, said: “Personally, I think it looks great. It started in July, when there was just this one solitary red flag.

“Over time more and more cropped up. It's quite the talk of our table at The George pub. Every so often I pop out there and count how many have been added since I last checked.

“Maybe it's just schoolboy hi-jinx but whoever is putting them up there must be doing a good job because we had all these high winds recently and as far as I can see every one stayed attached.”

Have you seen anyone putting the flags in the trees? Or are you the phantom flag-flyer? Call James Ranger on 01992 563 123 or email