DARING Wanstead stuntman Steve Truglia was nominated for two dramatic awards at last week's British Soap Awards 2004.

The movie and television action man and former SAS soldier received nominations in the best exit and most spectacular scene of the year categories at last week's glittering awards.

Steve, 36, flew into action as the stunt double of Hollyoaks serial killer and villain Toby Mills, played by actor Henry Luxemburg, in the episode called Leap of Faith. Steve stepped into Henry's shoes during a number of dramatic sequences in the storyline, getting run over by a speeding car, jumping 15ft between two 75ft high rooftops and falling backwards off a 100ft Liverpool building.

Recalling his triple thriller, Steve said: "Car knock-downs are always painful because you have actually to be run over. You always get bruised doing those. The secret is to relax but you always feel as though you want to tense up.

"It's all about being loose and floppy and having awareness, as well as having a good stuntman who is driving the car. My character gets knocked down chasing after his wife, which is when I step in as his double and get run over."

Commenting on his two rooftop assignments, he said: "I did the jump with a stunt girl and we only had three steps as a run-up, so we couldn't go full sprint, you're only literally getting into your stride. It was a little tense.

"Although there was an airbag at the bottom, the consequences of missing and getting it wrong would be scraping down the wall."

His final piece de resistance was taking the villain's part as he gets his comeuppence as he slips and falls backwards from a 100ft building.

He said: "There was an airbag below but it looked like a crisp packet from 100 feet up - there was a whole lot of pavement down there! I positioned the bag about 10ft from my take-off point.

"I had to gauge the arch my body would make and make sure that it looked as though a man is actually slipping and falling - not a professional stuntman."

The screen action hero, whose services are logged on the Equity Stunt Register, has risked life and limb for film, television, commercials and public displays. He is also a trained actor and television presenter and writer.

His film credits include Bond films such as Tomorrow Never Dies and The World is Not Enough, blockbusters such as Saving Private Ryan and Entrapment and television programmes such as BBC Crimewatch UK and Auf Weidersehen Pet.

Steve, who trains at Esporta in Repton Park, Woodford Green, can be contacted via his website at www.prostunts.net