MOST 11-year-olds are more interested in football or the latest computer games than in campaigning for better road surfacing.

But one young activist decided enough was enough after learning his street had gone without repairs for 17 years.

Andrew Warner, 11, of Cripsey Avenue, Ongar, set up a petition and gained more than 50 signatures, which he submitted to the council and the Highways Agency.

He is now planning a letter to Brentwood and Ongar MP Eric Pickles after the council failed to respond to his pleas to fix the street's many potholes.

Andrew said: “We were coming home one night and my mum said how bad the road was, so I said I would write a letter to the council.

“Then I went round and got about 50 names and we sent it off to the council, but we still haven’t had a reply.”

He was told the Highways Agency was not responsible for filling the potholes but is determined not to give up the fight.

“I really like roadworks. It’s something I want to get into when I’m older,” the Year Six pupil, who goes to school in Shropshire, said.

Mum Sarah Burling, 39, an IT analyst, added: “He goes out clearing the road in his high visibility clothing.

“The best Christmas present he ever had was a pair of bright yellow trousers.”

She also said the potholes, caused by heavy use from motorists taking children to nearby Shelley Primary School, had damaged vehicles and fears there could be an accident if someone swerved to avoid one.

Andrew is keeping up his campaign after nearby Moreton Road was resurfaced but Cripsey Avenue was left alone.

“It was supposed to be resurfaced 17 years ago when the school was built but it still hasn’t been done,” he said.

“They just resurfaced Moreton Road – it’s pretty pointless.”