A SEVERELY disabled toddler could be at home with his family by the end of this year, his mother has said.

Nathan Ellul, four, has spent most of his life in hospital after he stopped breathing three years ago and suffered extensive brain damage.

He is being treated full time at Tadworth Children’s Trust rehabilitation centre in Surrey – but his family desperately want to care for him at home in Gascoigne Gardens, Woodford Green, where dad Ian still lives.

To do so, they need to make numerous changes to their home, costing tens of thousands of pounds.

And thanks to an appeal on social networking site Facebook, as well as help from family, friends and the Guardian’s ongoing campaign, the Elluls are moving closer to their target.

Mum Suzanne Ellul, who left her home, job and husband to care for Nathan and healthy twin sister Gabriella in Surrey, said: “The total we need is about £92,000. We’ve raised almost £18,000 just from people’s general generosity.

“It’s going slowly but steadily.”

And when the total hits £20,000, they plan to start work on a ground-floor extension including works on drains and foundations.

Mrs Ellul said: “We’re going to start building and hope people are as generous as they have been.

“Hopefully, it will be about three weeks and maybe before the end of the year, we will be home as a family.”

Waltham Forest Council offered a disability facilities grant of £30,000 to the family but they feel the authority’s proposal of fitting a lift in their living room would be too disruptive to normal life.

Mrs Ellul said: “Nathan needs a downstairs bedroom and bathroom of his own and he needs wheelchair access in the front and back of the property.

“We were told a lift in the lounge would be enough but it’s not really conducive to family life – we would have to get rid of half the furniture in the lounge and half the furniture in my bedroom.”

Daughter Gabriella has never known a normal life, Mrs Ellul said, and added her needs must also be taken into account.

Nathan continues to make progress despite doctors’ fears he may not survive the first winter after suffering brain damage.

He can now eat orally and is becoming more aware of his surroundings, his mother said.

Mrs Ellul said: “He’s still with us and he’s proving to be a very strong little boy.”

She also thanked everyone who has made a donation and plans to write to all of Nathan’s benefactors individually.

To help, you can visit the Bring Nathan Home Appeal on social networking site Facebook or send a cheque directly to Nathan Ellul, Mulberry House, the Children’s Trust, Tadworth Court, Tadworth, KT20 5RU.