A HIGH-SPEED police chase ended with a driver crashing through a garden wall in a residential street and landing inches from a taxi driver.

The silver people carrier raced along Forest Drive West in Leyton pursued by one patrol car at 1pm on Monday (June 28).

The driver lost control of the large vehicle at the junction with Leigh Road and ploughed through a front garden in Wesley Road.

A taxi parked nearby was hit by the debris as the car came to rest inches away - leaving the driver badly shaken.

The taxi driver, who works out of nearby Midland Cars, was described as “badly shaken” by rank manager John Mallinder.

The 52 year old said: “He was completely shaken. He was so lucky that the car didn’t crash straight into him.

“Lots of debris from the wall crashed into his window. If it weren’t for the trees and lamp post in the way, he might not be alive today.”

Colin Bird, who lives opposite the crash scene, was inside his home when the crash happened.

The 48-year-old said: “I heard a loud screech and then a massive crash so i headed outside to see what had happened.

“There was a lot of debris from the wall. By the time I went outside I could see a man running down to the other end of the street and then turning left onto Midland road.

“Luckily nobody was hurt. it’s amazing that no pedestrians were on the street; it’s normally a busy road.

“I think the cab driver must have been on his lunch break. He was very lucky not to be hit.

“Two policeman arrived in one car. They didn’t chase the man down the street but stayed with the vehicle.

“This area has been blanketed by a 20mph speed limit, but that doesn’t stop people driving at high speeds.”

It is understood that the driver was asked to pull over by police not long before the crash after a confrontation with a pedestrian.

Mr Bird said that a pick up truck removed the car about four hours later.

The police were unable to provide any details on the incident.

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