A LIBRARIAN has launched a company providing history lessons for busy people.

Rupert Colley, of Coolgardie Avenue, Highams Park, came up with the idea ten years ago when he found that, despite wanting to learn about past events, he did not have enough time to read large volumes on his chosen subjects.

He has now created History in an Hour, which provides e-books and digital applications on a wide range of subjects.

The 46-year-old said: “I was always reading books, but there were never enough hours in the day to get through them all.

"I wanted to know so much, but I was buying all these big books.

"I got Andrew Roberts' The Storm of the War about the Second World War last September, which was about 600 pages long.

"It takes a lot of commitment to read a book that big. "My idea was to summarise the information so people could digest it quickly on their commute to work. It is also targeted at students who want to use it as an educational resource.

"A few teachers have contacted me about the idea saying it is fantastic for pupils and gives them a good background to the subject."

Subjects available so far include the World Cup, the Cold War, the Second World War and Nazi Germany.

Mr Colley plans to launch an application on Black History in time for Black History Month in October. For more information visit www.historyinanhour.com

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