A FORMER supermarket manager is claiming he was sacked unfairly after scraping a colleague's car.

Amir Hamza, 24, was store manager at Lidl in Cartersfield Road, Waltham Abbey, until Monday, when the company sacked him for gross misconduct.

It said he had hit the car at a store managers' meeting in Enfield in October and failed to report the damage at the time, finally admitting to what happened when he was shown CCTV evidence and witness statements.

But Mr Hamza, who has worked for the company for four years, said he had his CD player on in the car and did not notice he had hit anything.

“I didn't realise,” he said. “When they told me they had witnesses, I said fair enough and took responsibility."

He said his sacking was an over-reaction, as he had apologised and dealt with the matter already.

“I've spoken to the person and paid him a £1,429 cheque," he added. "The misunderstanding was cleared up.

“I think it's unfair dismissal and I'm very upset because I have a family to support – old parents and small brothers and sisters.

“I enjoyed working there and didn't have any problems. I was reaching my targets."

A Lidl spokeswoman said: “He hit another member of staff's car at the car park and left the premises and the damage.

“Leaving the scene of the accident is classed as a hit-and-run and we have a police number for that.

"That's gross misconduct and that's the reason why he was dismissed.”

Mr Hamza said he would appeal the decision to dismiss him.