FLOOD alerts remain in place across the lower River Roding.

The Environment Agency issued an updated alert for areas including Wanstead, Woodford and Ilford, this morning (May 4).

A statement on their website said: "River levels on the lower reaches of the River Roding remain high and are rising slowly again as water has drained through from the upper reaches of the Roding.

“Levels are not expected to rise beyond the highest levels reached during the past week, and property flooding is not expected.

“Once the levels have peaked they will remain high for at least the next 12 hours.

“A mainly dry day is expected today. Surface water may cause disruption in the general area.”

The information will be updated again this evening.

Redbridge Council is providing information to anyone concerned about flooding and have a live webcam of the river level at Chigwell Road. Click here for updates.

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