OLYMPIC campers using a rugby club as home for the next few weeks have been described as "quiet as church mice".

Some people living in roads near Eton Manor Rugby Club, in Nutter Lane, Wanstead, feared drunken behaviour, noise and widespread disruption when the club submitted an application to host a 350 pitch Olympic campsite.

But, the club has dispelled these fears and some residents even joined the club and gamesmakers at a party to watch the opening ceremony on Friday (July 27).

Michael Dalton, 70, of Nutter Lane, said: "The campers have been as quiet as church mice. I have met some of the campers and they are really nice people.

"Maybe we were misguided with our fears."

Roughly 450 people use the campsite each day at a cost of £10 per person.

The club provides washing facilities, shower rooms, free wi-fi and hot meals at a small cost for the campers.

Gamesmaker, Katie Knight, 23, from Cardigan, in Wales, was the fourth camper to arrive on Wednesday (July 25).

She said: "I chose this site because of all the facilities they offered. It is so quiet and the food is really good."

Spokesman for the club Gary Davies said: "It is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will hopefully be game changing for the club. It will give us money to invest back into the club.

"One resident came down to see us because he had heard there was a campsite here and told us he didn't even know there was a rugby club here.

"So many gamesmakers have said that if we hadn't of been able to run this campsite then they wouldn't have been able to go to the Olympics.

"We welcome the local community to come down and watch the closing ceremony with us."

The campsite will be running until August 13 and then will start up again on August 28 for the Paralympics.

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