CONSERVATIVE police commissioner candidate Nick Alston has taken the most votes in Epping Forest.

Mr Alston received 4,285 votes, with Labour candidate Val Morris-Cook second with 1,482.

Former chief superintendent and independent candidate Mick Thwaites came third with 1,270 votes.

The district's results have been announced as the county's votes are tallied in Chelmsford, with the Essex commissioner expected to be named at about 1pm.

Only 10.34 per cent of voters turned out in Epping Forest, with 10,221 people voting out of an electorate of 98,862.

Turnout across the county was just 13.06 per cent.

Three other candidates stood in the county - UK Independence Party candidate Andrew Smith (983), Robin Tilbrook of the English Democrats (761) and independent candidate Linda Belgrove (1,221).