A van driver who believes he was minutes from a serious accident after his tyre was slashed has warned others to be vigilant.

Pest controller Steve Barron, 38, of Ninefields, Waltham Abbey, was travelling towards the M25 along Woodgreen Road at about 7am today when his van swerved to the right.

He said: “The driver’s side front tyre went down. I managed to brake and thought ‘I’ve got a puncture.’

“When I looked closer, I could see could see three slash marks and a puncture.

“I changed the tyre and went to a garage, which confirmed it had been slashed, so I went to the police.

“My biggest concern was that I was 10 minutes from the M25 and I could’ve been killed or someone else could’ve been killed.

“It’s not what you expect at 7am when you’re trying to go to work.

“I hadn’t noticed anything until the tyre went.

“It’s dangerous and people need to check their tyres.”

He runs his own business removing wasps’ nests and said he’d been forced to cancel appointments while he got a new tyre.