Homeowners are hoping action will soon be taken to stop their houses shaking every time lorries and buses use their street.

People in Loughton Way, Buckhurst Hill, say they can feel vibrations caused by large vehicles being driven along the damaged road in bed at night.

They handed a 200-signature petition calling for repairs to MP Eleanor Laing five months ago and have finally been told by the roads authority that “extensive resurfacing works” will be done by the end of February.

Gill Sadik, 44, of Loughton Way, said: “It’s good if that means they’re not going to just patch bits up.

“The question is whether they’re going to dig down or just go over the top, and in a matter of months it’s going to be cracking again.

“When you’re lying in bed, you can feel the vibrations through the floor.”

Her neighbour Dominic Harris, 44, who spearheaded the petition, said: “I will wait and see what they do.

“There are some really bad holes in the road and they need to sort out the underlying problem.

“Sorting out the volume of traffic that comes past, the weight and the speed would help.”

Simone Barrow, customer services officer for Essex County Council, said: “I am pleased to advise extensive resurfacing works will commence along Loughton Way by the end of February 2013.

“The resurfacing works will be between Hurst Road and River Road and the vicinity of the junction with Blackmore Road.”

The council plans to repair the road as part of an £11m road repair programme across the county.