A cataract sufferer has slammed a hospital’s lack of storage for patients after finding another man’s medication mixed up with his own.

Roy Smith, 84, of Woodberry Down in Epping, was admitted to Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow earlier this month after suffering complications following an operation on his eye.

While there, he said staff lost his £40 dressing gown and he was not given anywhere to store his medication, despite asking for a locker.

He said: “There were no facilities for storing anything.

“All my prescriptions were put in a bag on the back of a trolley and others were left on the side, which I thought was very bad.

“The doctor did ring to try and get me a locker, so the prescriptions could be put away, but no way – nothing arrived at all.

“When my wife unpacked my drugs at home, she found there was one for a Mr Rogers, which was nothing to do with me. It was for an injection.

“I was so dissatisfied with the whole lot.”

He added that the hospital had been responsible for losing his dressing gown, but staff had pointed to signs telling patients they were not liable for personal belongings.

He added: “They didn’t want to put a blanket on me and slung my dressing gown over me, then they lost it for me.

“They have signs all over the place saying they’re not responsible for anything.”

A spokesman for the hospital said: “We are sorry Mr Smith’s dressing gown went missing and that there wasn’t an appropriate locker for his medicines. 

“Making sure medications are stored and administered appropriately is one of our priorities.

“Safety is important to us. We have 24 hour security and also a Police Community Support Officer on site which helps ensure incidents are rare.

“The hospital patient engagement team got in touch with Mr Smith soon after he left hospital regarding the loss of his gown.  No other issues were highlighted to them at the time.”