A Roding Valley High School student has beaten the IQ scores of world renowned big brains such as Albert Einstein, Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking.

16 year-old Lauren Marbe achieved a score of 161, when she and 28 other students were tested by British Mensa, the prestigious High IQ society.

Lauren said that when she was entered for the test she never expected that the she would receive such a high score.

She said: “I was so shocked, I didn’t expect to do so well. I’m really happy with the result, really happy with myself.”

Year 11 students Lauren Marbe and Archie Collins, along with Year 10 pupils Georgina King, Henry Adams-Walsh and Caris Jaffe, have all been invited to join Mensa after they achieved scores of more than 148.

The exam is designed to test a range of cognitive abilities to determine the level of intelligence of the student, in the UK, the average score is 100.

Tamie Kyriakou, the school’s challenge and enrichment co-ordinator, said: “I’m delighted but not surprised that some of our students are of a calibre befitting Mensa.

“Lauren’s result is astonishing. It’s left everybody speechless. You never imagine you will be in the presence of someone with such high intellect at such a young age.”

Headteacher Paul Banks said: “In a time where the media and Government criticise our youth for their supposed ignorance and superficiality, it is even more vital to celebrate and encourage intelligence, for it is these bright young things which we hope, with the guidance of a good education, will become the future leaders of our society.”

Leading research suggests about one per cent of the world’s population has an IQ of 135 or more, a figure achieved by ten of the Roding Valley pupils.

Anybody can pay to take the exam by visiting http://www.mensa.org.uk/index.html.