A workshop will be arranged ahead of the next meeting on plans to build an estimated 10,000 homes in the district.

Epping Town Council agreed to arrange talks with groups including the Epping Society, Town Centre Partnership and St John’s church about the local housing and employment plan, which the district council is currently putting together.

The plan attracted protests in September, after it became clear that green belt land was being considered for development.

The district council is planning to hold a final consultation with town and parish councils before it begins the next stage of preparing the document.

During a town council meeting last night, councillor Barbara Scruton, who is responsible for representing its views on the plan, said: “It was raised by the Epping Society, who asked me for feedback and would appreciate an input.

“I would like to feel I represent the views of the town council and not my own views.”

It was agreed that a meeting would be held between the council and community groups on the plan before March 9.