A memorial football match will be held for an ex Chigwell School boy who lost his battle with cancer, last year.

Friends of Eren Pars, who passed away in May 2012, aged just 21, have organised the event in the hope that they can raise thousands of pounds for teenagers suffering from cancer.

22 year-old Jack Durkan and other friends said that they feel a football match in Eren's memory, is a fitting tribute.

Jack said: “I wanted to do something because it is so unfair for someone to die at that age.

“I thought that this is the best thing that I can do for him, the teacher at our school that organised charity football events has helped out too.

“There will be an auction, a raffle, a bouncy castle and a photo booth and hopefully a few other stalls.”

The memorial match has attracted the attention of celebrities who will be playing in the game, including TOWIE star and ex Portsmouth footballer, Tom Kilby. Also joining the celeb side will be ex Liverpool defender Phil Babb and stand up comedian Terry Alderton.

Signed football strips, including a Celtic kit from Rod Stewart, will go to auction alongside a signed Fawlty Towers sketch, and other prizes.

Close friend Jack said that Eren's friends hope to hold an event yearly, and eventually raise thousands in his memory.

He said: “I would like to make it an annual event and raise more than £10,000, in the end.

“Only a year later it is still so fresh.”

Kicking off at 12pm, there will be a whole day of activities at the event on March 10, which will be held at the Old Chigwellians Club grounds, Chigwell School.

The match which will begin at 1pm, will be a full 11-a-side game of friends and family vs celebs, with tickets costing £10.

Tickets can be ordered from Chigwell School and Bella Sorella in Loughton, or you can order by email, at t.page@chigwell-school.org.