There is to be no change to the guardians of Epping Forest, after a tense day for the verderers.

Commoners for both the northern and southern parishes of the forest gathered to see if anybody be nominated to run against the current four.

If anybody had come forward then polls would have opened in the coming days, and anybody within the forest boundary, who occupies more than half an acre of land, would have been able to vote for their representatives on the City’s Epping Forest and Commons Committee.

The elections were looking to take an interesting twist as a letter went out to commoners over the weekend, to ask for support in putting ex-mayor Ricki Gadsby forward as a verderer.

However, when the time came to come make a representation, nobody stood against current verderers, Michael Chapman and Richard Morris in one meeting, and Peter Adams and Dr Jo Thomas, in another.

The American, Mrs Gadsby insists that she withdrew her name voluntarily after realising how much work goes in to the role of verderer.

She said: “I pulled out as I am running for county council for Waltham Abbey and when I found out how much work it does entail.

“The council is a big deal to me and the work would clash.”

Michael Chapman said that it was a relief to have election fear over with, and that he was looking forward to the next seven years.

He said: “I am very pleased indeed. Obviously because we have done so much work over the last few years, it is nice to be able to see it through.

“One of the next projects for us will be the election process. The way that it is done is very very odd.

“Many people cannot vote, but Tesco can, because of the size of the car park.”