After saving scores of lives a man has decided to teach basic first aid skills to the community, for just £10.

32 year-old Danny Hyde, who lives in Newmans Lane, Loughton, has worked in the emergency services for the last eight years.

Danny teaches first aid to corporate businesses, through his company Emergency First Aid Ltd, although says that friends and relatives have inspired him to start low cost sessions, for people in the community.

He said: “Just talking to friends, especially those with children, I realised that people are keen to learn basic first aid.

“Grandparents, parents and even teenagers are coming to the course. I want to run a few across West Essex to get as many people trained up as possible.

“There is no certificate or qualification, but in one hour I can teach people how to save their loved ones.

” Shocking figures show that 140,000 people in the UK die, every year, in situations which basic first aid could have prevented.

Aside from saving lives as a part of his job, Danny has had to use his skills on his days off and says that anyone, with just an hour of training, can be the difference between life and death.

He said: “What I have realised from my own experiences is that saving a life is easy.

“The skills needed to keep someone alive until the emergency services arrive are simple and anyone can use them.

“First aid courses can take up to twelve hours and cost around £90, I am teaching the basics for just ten pounds."

The first of the one hour courses are already fully booked, although Danny hopes to run as many as possible in the coming months.

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