A DOCTOR found guilty of misconduct after incorrectly diagnosing 18 breast cancer victims has had all restrictions on him lifted by the General Medical Council.

Dr Kong Fa Lan Keng Lun, the former lead clinician at the breast unit of St Margaret's Hospital, in Epping, was handed a supervision order banning him from management two years ago.

At his 2007 GMC hearing Dr Lun's' failings were described as “Wide ranging and serious” and the council's expert medical witness said in his opinion “Your performance fell below the standard to be expected of a consultant radiologist.”

But a hearing to review that supervision order on Tuesday, October 6, found that Dr Lun has since passed all his assessments and should be free to practise unimpaired.

Rita Blake, 73, of Alderwood Close, Abridge, who was incorrectly told by Dr Lun that a cancerous tumour in her left breast was only a cyst, said it was “awful news”.

She said: “I didn't think he would get it. There were 18 of us and some have died now. It's no help to their families is it?

“He never apologised to any of us. I think that would have been appreciated- maybe if he'd written a letter to us all.

“I suppose he might have had the frighteners put into him to make him realise the mistakes he made.”

Dr Lun is now employed at Ipswich Hospital and his old employer, Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust, has said it has no indication he will come back to West Essex.

A spokesman said: “We are fully up to capacity and we are not seeking any further staff on the unit.”

Mrs Blake said: “He was a very laid-back person. You would never believe he was the doctor who would tell you if you had cancer. He would walk about laughing with people.

“I wish his patients luck, that's all I can say.”