A MEMORIAL honouring the memory of more than 100 Chingford civilians killed  during the Second World War has been unveiled.

The granite plaques, listing the names of all residents who died in bombings, have been installed on the Obelisk monument at the junction of Chingford Mount, Hall Lane and Old Church Road.

Chingford Conservative councillor Geoff Walker has been working on plans for the memorial for the last 18 months after the idea was initially suggested to him by a resident.

He said: "Quite rightly we recognise the armed services at this time of year but it's often overlooked how civilians also suffer in war.

"There were, we think, 104 people in Chingford who died from V2 bombs, incendiaries and anti-aircraft ordnances.

"We got the names from the book 'Chingford at War' and I'm very pleased with how it's turned out.

"It's taken quite a long time but we managed to persuade the council to fund it, for which we're very grateful."

The memorial was officially unveiled during a ceremony on Saturday (November 10).