A PARK covering part of Waltham Forest should not be funded by taxpayers, according to member of the Greater London Authority.

Richard Tracey has criticised the current funding arrangements for the Lee Valley Regional Park, which sees all London boroughs contribute hundreds of thousands of pounds for its upkeep.

In his report London's Hidden Charge, The Conservative member for Merton and Wandsworth said: "The Lee Valley Park is a fantastic asset and I see no reason why, financially speaking, it cannot stand on its own two feet.

"For example the Park had 376,749 visitors from Waltham Forest in 2011/12 and the council contributed £224,309, making for an average cost to the borough per visitor of 60 pence.

"Compare this to Merton and Wandsworth, which had an average cost per visitor of around £19.80. Merton had only 11,139 visitors but paid £220,206."

"Therefore I am calling on the Government to change the law to end these funding arrangements and I recommend that the Lee Valley Park is given five years to become self-financing."

The park covers areas such as Leyton Marsh and Walthamstow Marshes and reservoirs.