DEDICATED police officers in Waltham Forest have been honoured at the force's annual commendation ceremony.

Dozens of staff were given accolades for their hard work and bravery at the event by Waltham Forest Mayor Cllr Richard Sweden and Borough Commander Mark Collins, who joined the borough six months ago.

Among those awarded were PC Ian Bargus, who has helped rehouse 16 vulnerable families at risk of gang crime in the borough, and PC Laura Halliwell, who was attacked while arresting a man.

Other officers were praised for their detective work, bravery in arresting violent suspects , and skill in administering first aid at crime scenes before ambulance crews arrived.

Chief Supt. Collins said: "This was my first commendation service as a Borough Commander.

"I was extremely proud to present these awards to officers, staff and members of the public.

"All those commended have shown the highest commitment to delivering an excellent service to the community in Waltham Forest”.