A pilot scheme to reduce the amount of food thrown away has helped households save £32 a week, it is claimed.

The three-month Food Waste Challenge, organised by the North London Waste Authority (NLWA), saw people from seven boroughs including Waltham Forest following advice on how to make more of leftovers and get more creative when cooking.

Adam Devreceni, 27, and his housemate Teresa Green, of Abbots Park Road in Leyton, took part in the project.

They reduced their food waste by 38 per cent and cut about a third off the cost of their weekly shopping bill.

Mr Devreceni said: "I didn’t think I wasted much food, but the challenge showed how much was wasted, and how much money could be saved.

"We are really surprised at the results. Planning ahead was the key. Now we compost all our waste food, and that’s the best thing we’ve learned from the challenge."

NLWA chair and Waltham Forest Councillor Clyde Loakes added: "Waste disposal costs are rising, making it more expensive for your local council to dispose of it, when the money could be spent on better things, like schools and social care.

"That’s why we’ve put such an intensive effort into working alongside these valiant families who have demonstrated perfectly just how effectively north Londoners can reduce their food waste."