People stood by as a teenager with autism was attacked by a robber.

CCTV has been released showing Alex Tree, 18, walking through the Billet Road roundabout underpass in Walthamstow at 2pm on Saturday and her attacker approaching from behind.

He then knocked Miss Tree to the ground as the man rode his bike into her several times and tried to grab her bag.

Miss Tree is particularly possessive of her bag and its contents due to her autism and refused to let go.

The attacker then started punching her in the head, causing her to bleed heavily from her ear.

He then got a spanner out of his pocket and threatened to hit Miss Tree with it before ripping her bag from her shoulder and fleeing the scene.

Miss Tree said there was a couple with a pram who just watched the attack.

The CCTV footage shows a man walking by while the attack was taking place and ignoring what was going on as he checked his phone.

Miss Tree made it to her grandparent’s house in Normanshire Drive, Chingford, and treated by paramedics.

She sustained extensive bruising and a burn mark to her neck where the attacker ripped her bag from her.

Miss Tree told her mother, Sarah Foley, ‘mummy, I hurt inside’ and vowed never to walk that route again.

Mrs Foley, 46, of Knebworth Avenue in Walthamstow, said she is appalled that passersby did nothing to help her daughter.

“There were other people there who did nothing. They could have scared him off or something but they just did nothing,” she said.

“She walked all the way back to my mum’s with blood pouring from her ear and nobody stopped to help her and this was in broad daylight.“

Miss Tree added: “This guy was just standing there watching while he just kept punching and punching me.

“They didn’t want to get involved in case they got hurt but I was on my own.

“It makes me feel very angry and anxious.

"I hope he pays for what he’s done because he’s hurt me very badly. I’m in pain outside and inside. “

The police have released CCTV footage of the incident in a public appeal to find the attacker.

Police describe the suspect as a white man aged between 22-26 years, approximately 5ft 11ins, of slim build and with short dark hair and a brown moustache.

He was riding a purple mountain bike with black handle bars and there was a white motif on the front of his grey tracksuit top. 

Watch CCTV footage of the robbery here:


Watch CCTV footage of the attacker here: