The mother of a boy with a life-threatening condition is continuing her mission to help find a cure by jumping out of an aeroplane at 13,000ft.

Regan Clark, 10, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes five years ago and his mother and father, Charmaine and Jamie, have been raising funds for research ever since.

Now Mrs Clark, 36, of Sinclair Road in Chingford, will take the plunge for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) on Wednesday.

Regan was diagnosed with the condition when he was five years old, but his mother warned the symptoms can be confused with other conditions.

Mrs Clark said: "One day we just couldn’t wake him up, he was extremely docile. We called an ambulance and he was rushed into intensive care as his blood sugar levels were very high.
"It is hard to detect and can easily be confused with other things.”

"Regan’s pancreas has completely failed and is now reliant on a machine attached to him with a tube to his stomach that provides the insulin.

"His condition is life-threatening. We can’t leave him with just anyone, only people we can make sure are trained.

"I want to find a cure for my son and every young person suffering out there. I’m scared to sky-dive so I’m hoping people will sponsor me."

Regan is one of three pupils at Chase Lane Primary School in York Road, Chingford, with the condition.

So far Mrs Clark has raised £1,030.

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