THE Conservatives have held on to Larkswood ward.

Edwin Northover, 29, a lawyer, polled 1,393 votes - around two thirds of the votes cast.

Conservative group leader Cllr Matt Davis hailed the result as 'a landslide.'

He added: "This result shows that people are fed up with the Lib-Lab coalition.

"One vote for one is a vote for the other."

Mr Northover added: "I'm absolutely delighted. I have fought three by-elections now and have been getting better results as things have gone on.

"I live in the south of the borough but I will represent the people of Larkswood ward."

The Liberal Democrats will be disappointed to have finished third - only 42 votes ahead of the Green Party.

Lib Dem candidate, Henry Boyle, said: "I think the result is what everyone expected."

However, he was not disheartened and said he believes the Lib Dems can challenge for overall leadership of the council.

The victory is the second in a row for the Conservatives after Jemma Hemsted won Valley ward in November.

The other candidates who stood in tonight's election were Henrietta Jackson, who polled 255 votes for Labour, and Daniel Perret, who polled 102 votes for the Greens.

The by-election was called after the death of Conservative councillor John Walter.

Tory councillors Nick Buckmaster and Eric Williams also have seats on Larkswood ward.

The result means the political make-up of the council is unchanged.

The Labour group has 25 members, the Lib Dems 20 and Conservatives 15.

The authority is currently run by a Lib-Lab coalition.


Turnout 23.15 per cent, 1,903 votes cast

EDWIN NORTHOVER (Conservative) 1,395

Henrietta Jackson (Labour) 255

Henry Boyle (Lib Dem) 144

Daniel Perrett (Green Party) 102