A MUSICIAN has broken a world record for simultaneous drumming.

Phil Knight, 25, of Ainslie Wood Road, Chingford, drummed non-stop for 102 hours and 53 minutes, which by his calculations beats the previous world record by four minutes.

The 25-year-old freelance finished his mammoth session yesterday afternoon, and subject to confirmation from Guinness, has broken the record.

He played along to backing tracks in Leicester Square for five days, only stopping for 20 minute rest and food breaks every four hours.

Speaking to the Guardian today Mr Knight said: “I am feeling fine now, after a long sleep, although I ache a bit.

“I was not sure how I managed to keep going but the support of friends and family and people in Leicester Square was phenomenal.”

Mr Knight's drumming attracted crowds of hundreds of people in the evenings, and he thanked the people of London for their support He also thanked staff from the nearby Mermaid's Tale pub who brought him free food during his rest breaks.

Mr Knight is aiming to raise £5,000 for the Helen Bamber Foundation, which campaigns to help female victims of trafficking, rape and genocide.

He was introduced to the work of the foundation by the actor Emma Thompson, who met him after a gig in a central London hotel.

He said: “I saw an exhibition showing how trafficked women are forced to sleep with 40 or 50 men a night, are beaten, chained up and only paid money to buy condoms and tissues with.

“It just got to me and made me quite tearful.”

Mr Knight's successful world record attempt was supported by Emma Thompson, who donated £1,000, and other celebrities including singers Sir Elton John, Craig David and Natasha and Daniel Bedingfield.

Mr Knight lives with his fiance Charlie, his parents Julie and Steve and his sister Sam.

He has raised £2,800 so far, but is expecting many more donations to come in.

To donate visit www.justgiving.com/drumforlife