ANOTHER part of the former EMD cinema’s front canopy has collapsed, despite assurances that it had been made safe.

No-one was injured when a large section of plaster fell onto Hoe Street in Walthamstow on Saturday night.

A plank of wood studied with nails fell to the pavement from the same canopy on July 22, narrowly missing pedestrians.

The United Church of the Kingdom of God, which purchased the building in 2001, promised the canopy was then secured.

But the McGuffin flim society, which wants to see the building re-opened as a cinema, insist the incidents are evidence that the UCKG is not looking after the listed building.

Spokesman Bill Hodgson said: "The council must ensure steps are now taken to protect both the public and the EMD before something more serious happens."

Workers are currently banned from entering the building without protective clothing and breathing apparatus after repeated warnings over asbestos were ignored.

The UCKG is preparing a planning application to restore the building and covert it into a church and community centre.