A CYCLING group has released a report on the good and bad aspects of cycling in the borough.

The Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign surveyed cyclists at this year's Tour de Waltham Forest and included issues raised during a series of "Movers & Shakers" rides around the borough with key council officers and councillors during Bike Week.

Cyclists surveyed at the Tour de Waltham Forest said that "bad drivers" and "scary road conditions" - including poor road maintenance - were the biggest barrier to people cycling more.

The things liked about the area are its off road, quiet routes including, the Lea Valley and Epping Forest.

And, according to the Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign, the key issues called for on the Movers and Shakers bike rides were, more funding and better consultation for cycle-friendly road design; better maintenance; an urgent need to tackle dangerous drivers and the opportunity through the Olympics to unlock cycle funding for the south of the borough.

Simon Munk, Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign's Movers and Shakers coordinator, said: "Waltham Forest's already a good area to cycle around. But now the council have heard loud and clear what the key issues for cyclists are.

"Getting key movers and shakers in the council out on bikes, including council leader Chris Robbins and deputy leader John Macklin, really helped get them to see those issues from a cyclist's perspective.

"That should mean an even better borough for cycling in the future."

The Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign works to improve conditions for the cyclists in the borough, and organises social rides and cycle-themed events. For more information go to www.wfcycling.org.uk