RESIDENTS who are facing the prospect of up to 88 buses a day travelling through their quiet street claim their views were ignored during a “flawed” council consultation.

The W11 service will be re-routed into George Road in Chingford, which will also become one-way, under proposals to improve traffic flow in the area.

But despite 65 per cent of respondents rejecting the plans, they have been told the scheme will go ahead anyway.

Resident John Lenehan, 56, said: "The whole process has just been a sham and these plans seem to have been pushed through as fast as possible.

"If they consult people about something, they need to take into account people's views, but they have ignored the views of people in George Road.

"The whole consultation process has been seriously flawed and local residents have been denied any meaningful opportunity to express their views on proposals which will have such a dramatic impact on their lives and environment."

The scheme will see three roads in the area become one-way and George Road, which is not currently part of a bus route, established as the main access into Chingford Hall Estate.

Residents estimate 88 buses will travel along the road every day and traffic will increase dramatically.

Households were informed by the council’s Environment and Regeneration department of the proposal for 11 traffic improvement measures which, residents claim, did not mention the re-routing of the bus route.

They also say documents stated that households which do not respond would be considered in favour of the scheme.

Another resident, Michael Squires, 63, said: "We have had meetings with traffic planning officers and they say they don't need to consult or to take any notice of the results.

"But these plans will cause disruption and increased pollution and noise. We have to try any way we can to fight it."

The plans have been approved by the council, but residents say a six-month trial has been suggested, with the possibility the scheme could be reviewed if it doesn't work.

The Guardian is awaiting a response from the council.